There’s no doubt most people enjoy getting a good night’s sleep.  A lot of people also take advantage of free time throughout the day by taking a power nap or catch up on a lack of sleep by taking a longer nap throughout the day.  Sleep has several benefits such as re-energizing your mind, helping you heal physically and sometimes if you’ve had a rough day, the assurance that getting a good night’s sleep will give you a different perspective in the morning is reason enough to retire early on those difficult days. 

There’s also a lot of ways in which you can amplify the benefits of sleep by literally preparing your mind for sleep and reprogramming your brain to optimize your subconscious mind as you sleep.  I ran across this interesting video from Fearless Soul and thought it was absolutely superb. It outlines a very easy, straight forward way in which you can reprogram your brain before you go to sleep to not only improve your sleep but help your mind get the most from sleeping as well. Check it out below and if you like motivational video, I highly suggest you check out Fearless Souls channel.


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