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The Freedom Model

The Freedom Model is an approach to moving past”addiction” Gain lifelong freedom from addiction with NO 12-step meetings, NO rehabs & NO endless “recovery” processes & protocols.  The Freedom Model is the a revolutionary approach to solving addiction.  Hands Down, the Best option available to anyone. 


The Freedom Model Online Program 

The Freedom Model is the replacement for the ineffective addiction treatment industry that has been failing the world for more than 8 decades. It’s time for a change that’s based in logic, research, and decades of positive proven results! A proven, revolutionary, non-12-step addiction-help model, that they developed over 34 years of intensive research & experience helping thousands of people to solve their addictions and move on with their lives.

Baldwin Research Institute

Baldwin Research Institute, Inc.

Founded in 1989, the Baldwin Research Institute’s (BRI) mission is to change the Treatment industry to a solution that works.  Over the past decade, more treatment facilities have opened, more money than ever has spent on treatment, and yet the problem seems to be worse than ever.  Clearly the current paradigm isn’t working.  Treatment doesn’t Work!  That’s why BRI is determined to change the way in which people currently see “addiction” from the current view of having a lifelong disease, to one in which “addiction” is seen as the temporary problem that you have the power to move beyond.

The Clean Slate Addiction Blog

The Clean Slate Addiction Blog

The Clean Slate Addiction Blog is run by BRI researcher Steven Slate.  Steven is a co-author of The Freedom Model and has been researching substance use and addiction for over 15 years. Steve’s blog contains many very interesting articles on the research associated with addiction and he does a fantastic job of proving why addiction is not a disease. Steve also gave a TedX talk in 2016. TED Talk on Addiction: Treatment Doesn’t Cure Addiction, It Creates Addiction  which is very interesting.


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