Recommended Resources for Addiction, Fitness and Motivation.

Baldwin Research Institute

Baldwin Research Institute, Inc.

Founded in 1989, the Baldwin Research Institute’s (BRI) mission is to change the Treatment industry to a solution that works.  Over the past decade, more treatment facilities have opened, more money than ever has spent on treatment, and yet the problem seems to be worse than ever.  Clearly the current paradigm isn’t working.  Treatment doesn’t Work!  That’s why BRI is determined to change the way in which people currently see “addiction” from the current view of having a lifelong disease, to one in which “addiction” is seen as the temporary problem that you have the power to move beyond.

The Freedom Model

The Freedom Model

The Freedom model is BRI’s newly developed approach to moving beyond “addiction”  This new approach is sure to change way in which you think of “addiction”  The Freedom Model for Addictions is a book that details this approach and is filled with fact research based to back up the idea that “Addiction” is not a disease and that you truly do have the power to move beyond addiction for good.