Ryan Schwantes

President of Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. – The parent company of The Saint Jude Retreats and BRI Publishing.

Ryan Schwantes

Ryan Schwantes

President of Baldwin Research Institute, Inc.

I’m Ryan Schwantes. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and relocated to upstate NY in 2001 where I currently reside with my beautiful wife  and amazing children. My family means the world to me and they are my driving factor to be the very best day in and day out.

I can be every single day! In my career of over 20 years with Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. and the Freedom Model, I’ve helped people learn how to move past their addictions for good without meetings, rehabs, and lifelong recovery.

Beyond my career, I have a passion for physical fitness and sports performance nutrition. I have been involved in fitness since I was 14 years old and I have had the opportunity to help several people attain their fitness goals throughout the years. I’ve helped design training programs, and designed nutrition plan, and supplementation plans. One of the areas I have had great success in is helping wrestlers and combat athletes make weight for their events in a healthy manner. I have a way of taking my knowledge of about fitness and nutrition and explaining it to others in a way that makes sense to them. I, like many others, have moved beyond difficult situations through positive motivation and developing new lifestyle patterns. I use my experiences to inspire others to use adversity to empower themselves beyond what they ever thought possible. I believe people are VERY powerful beings, and can accomplish anything with hard work, knowledge, and and dedication.



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