This November, Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., and BRI Publishing are releasing The Freedom Model for Addictions. The Freedom Model is an approach, a new way of looking at addiction. It’s truly unique in that it’s counter to what all the stereotypical media, political heads, and “experts” say about addiction. The Freedom Model unravels and breaks through the labyrinth of confusion within addiction and recovery ideology. The Freedom Model approach expands upon three irrefutable personal human attributes.

  • The Positive Drive Principle (PDP)– the natural drive toward happiness behind all human behavior. People do what they believe is their best option for achieving a satisfying, happy existence at any given moment in time.
  • Free Will– the unique human ability to choose. All behavior is chosen.
  • Autonomy– (Specifically Mental Autonomy) the independent nature of the human mind. It is why we can’t be forced to think or feel (emotionally) in any particular way by any one or thing outside of ourselves. It is also why personal change is always a personal choice. We choose to think, and we choose what to think, which in turn directs our actions and behaviors.

Last year I wrote a series of articles with Lifestyle Coach, Dai Manuel called the Addiction Free Life Series Addiction-Free-Life-eBook. Throughout this series, I made reference to The Freedom Model, as it was in production during the time I was working with Dai. What was really interesting is that Dai’s audience (many of whom are fitness oriented people and people looking to improve their overall health in general) was highly receptive to the overall message of The Freedom Model. I don’t believe that was just coincidence. One of the goals I had before working with Dai, was to see what the response would be from an audience that wasn’t already entrenched in the mass hysteria of the treatment and addiction industry. I felt an audience that was in touch with the values of personal choice, personal responsibility, self confidence, independence, positive thinking, goal setting, self motivation would be highly receptive to the approach of The Freedom Model. And I was right.

“I felt an audience that was in touch with the values of personal choice, personal responsibility, self confidence, independence, positive thinking, goal setting, self motivation would be highly receptive to the approach of The Freedom Model. “

My logic was based on the fact that I personally have been involved in the physical fitness industry as a consumer and member for over 20 years and I have seen firsthand the mentality of those who are successful there. I have spoken with highly motivating individuals throughout my years in being involved in physical fitness and health. Many of these individuals are well respected and emulated by people in the physical fitness world because they are individuals who understand the power of the human body and more importantly the amazing power of the human mind. Anyone who is involved in the physical fitness world has made a commitment to improve a part of his or her life because they see value in being physically and mentally strong. Some people have made a commitment to transform their lives by losing a significant amount of weight, or have made the commitment to achieve something no one ever thought they could achieve such as completing a marathon, or a triathlon and pushing themselves both physically and mentally beyond what they ever thought possible. These people have not listened to what the naysayers have told them, they set their minds on a goal, and they reach out to achieve that goal, regardless of what it takes to do so. They are willing to commit to achieving success and happiness in life despite how many times life knocks them down. They get up, over and over, until they are victorious. In short, these are very powerful people, both physically and mentally.

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Now Enter Drugs and Alcohol

Take any of these people and let’s say they have an issue with drugs and/or alcohol. Do you think for a minute, they will look at the various treatment programs available to them and say, yep, that’s right in line with everything I believe? Of course not! Try to remember, the entire treatment paradigm is based on substances having power, and the individual having none! This of course is the opposite credo than what these individuals believe. But, they may be so weakened by their current behaviors and embarrassing choices that they get influenced by the message of powerlessness treatment peddles so well. These treatment programs are of course the antithesis of everything these people stand for, but in a moment of self doubt, even the strongest can fall prey to the myths of the treatment industry. To them, these programs sound like total nonsense and completely absurd, but if there isn’t an alternative, they may feel as though they have no choice but to admit themselves to one of these rehab facilities (or worse, be mandated to one) and take on that negative label as an alcoholic or addict, and thusly they actually take on that identity. They begin to believe that they do in fact have some sort of disease or that perhaps they have some deep rooted emotional issues that are causing them to use drugs and perhaps their devotion to physical fitness is an ancillary addiction as well. You can see just how confusing and harmful this could potentially be if they are constantly given only misinformation and downright lies when in fact, they could move beyond this substance use obstacle if given the proper research and information. That factual treatise is The Freedom Model.

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The Freedom Model is a solution that explains reality, the reality that you are fully capable of moving past addiction permanently, and easily. If you implore the same fact-centered knowledge base you already carry towards your fitness goals, or any life goals in general, then you already possess what’s needed to put this challenge behind once and for all and will never again have to live in guilt and shame again. The Freedom Model approach takes all the excuses away from the individual and you will learn that everything in your life is a direct result of the decisions you have made. If you want to change a certain aspect of your life, then you must analyze whether you truly want and desire to make those kinds of choices. In essence, do you prefer that life style over another lifestyle? The Freedom Model will reiterate to individuals that they themselves are in control of their happiness and success, not some lifeless substance or a therapist who fills you with a feeling of uncertainty and victimhood. My point with all this is The Freedom Model , unlike addiction treatment methods, puts the responsibility to change and move beyond addiction directly with the individual where it belongs, by exposing the fact that addiction is not a disease and that most of what people think they know about addiction is wrong. The Freedom Model calls out the myths associated with addiction and even explains how the addiction paradigm is facilitating the problem and making it worse. The Freedom Model explains how treatment actually creates addicts and harms more than it helps people. These controversial aspects will likely upset some people, but they will resonate with more of you who are willing to see the truth for what it is – The Freedom Model.

UPDATE: The Freedom Model for Addictions is Now Available online and at your favorite book retailer. (If your local retailer doesn’t have The Freedom Model in stock, they will be able to order it for you.)

The Freedom Model for Addictions Available now for sale at these retailers


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