I firmly believe The Saint Jude Retreats offer the most advanced approach for individuals looking to move beyond addiction. Often when individuals and/or families start looking look at the various facilities and start calling around they also look to see what others who have attended those facilities have to say about their experience as well. In an effort to make that process easier, I’ve compiled a few different St. Jude Retreats Reviews given by previous guest and their families and also some professional reviews given by industry experts.

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

In addition to these testimonial videos, you can find many other St. Jude Retreat Reviews given by professionals who are regarded as experts within the addiction industry.

Professional St. Jude Retreats Reviews

  • Stanton Peele is well known and highly regarded in the addiction field as one of the pioneers of the non-disease approach to addiction. Stanton gives his St. Jude Retreats Reviews here.
  • The late Dr. Joy Browne, who also narrated the audio book for the Saint Jude Home Program, gives her St. Jude Retreats review here.
  • Dai Manuel, Fitness expert and Lifestyle Mentor, wrote an entire series with me last year called Addiction Free Life, and he’s absolutely a believer in our method. If you want to read the Addiction Free Life series, you can get a free ebook on Dai’s site, where you can also read the entire series online if you’d prefer to do it that way. Here’s what Dai recently said about our The Freedom Model, which is exclusive to the St. Jude Retreats:

“If you know me, you know I believe you have the power to change anything you choose. The Freedom Model for Addictions: Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap captures this universal truth. Addiction treatment has been accepted as the “gold standard” until now. The Freedom Model not only questions addiction treatment, but it refutes the myths of its effectiveness with evidence-based research and facts. This approach doesn’t tie you to meetings or heap a lot of guilt and shame on you to work. The Freedom Model focuses on your inner resources and you direct your change, just as you’ve accomplished any successful lifestyle change.

This book is your golden ticket to break free from damaging beliefs of addiction, treatment, and recovery so you can truly embrace your power of personal choice and free will. If you’ve been searching for an approach to end addiction that really works, this is it”


Also, in closing, you should know The Better Business Bureau has given The St. Jude Retreats an A+ rating and you can also find St. Jude Retreat Reviews on the BBB site. As I’ve said before, The Saint Jude Retreats are unlike any other facility in the country. They are the only facilities in which The Freedom Model approach is used to help guests move beyond addiction.


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